Minnesota Air Duct Sanitizing and Cleaning Services

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Air Duct Sanitizing Service Minneapolis St Paul Whatever cleaning method you choose for your air ducts, it’s inevitable that some microscopic particles will be left behind. These can include living bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi. Not everyone is affected by these living organisms, but some residents in your home may be sensitive to them. If respiratory conditions among those living in your home are triggered by these organisms, an additional step can destroy those contaminants. At our Minneapolis St. Paul duct cleaning company, we offer sanitizing treatments at a low cost when added to any duct cleaning. We include sanitizing with our top-of-the-line Apex Duct Cleaning, but you can add this treatment to any duct cleaning for just $65, a savings of $40 off our regular price of $109. When we treat your ducts with a disinfecting agent, you’ll know that they are as clean and sanitary as can be.

Sanitizer Application – Special $65

Priced regularly at $109, we include this disinfecting service for only $65 when you purchase Air Sweep or RotoBrush duct cleaning for extra peace of mind. For our Apex Duct Cleaning, this sanitizing service will be provided at no additional charge. We use a germicidal fog that permeates every part of your ductwork, killing all germs, molds, fungi, and mildew. This treatment is recommended for those with allergies, asthma, other respiratory illnesses, or for those sensitive to pet dander and other indoor air pollution. EPA-approved, the disinfecting agent is a non-toxic biocide that leaves no active chemical residue following treatment.

Apex Duct Cleaning Service – Special Price $399.95

Air Duct Disinfection Service Minneapolis MN The most complete and thorough duct cleaning service available in the Twin Cities, our Apex Duct Cleaning is a multi-step process that provides the best cleaning available anywhere. Perfect for cleaning long-neglected ducts, or whenever maximum cleaning is needed, it begins when our experienced technicians insert a high-powered vacuum hose into the main trunk of your ductwork. Then our octopus-like Predator Brush is inserted into every branch line. Its whip-like action reaches every inch of your ductwork, removing all debris. We follow up this cleaning with our RotoBrush tool. All debris, dust, and other contaminants are safely vacuumed out to our van and sealed in bags for disposal.

With the duct system thoroughly cleaned, we follow up by disinfecting the entire duct system with an EPA-approved germicide that kills all remaining mold, bacteria, and fungi throughout the ductwork. The only cleaner ductwork is brand new ductwork. Of course, we also include a free furnace or air conditioner cleaning at no extra charge.

Cleaner Air & Better Health for Minnesota Families

When you want the cleanest possible air ducts for your family’s health, ask our Minnesota award-winning duct cleaners for Air Duct Sanitizing. Added to an Air Sweep or RotoBrush cleaning service, it will give you the assurance that all microorganisms in your air ducts are destroyed, leaving your ducts free of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi, and safeguarding your loved ones. Call us today to schedule duct cleaning or other services, and ask for Duct Sanitizing. We’ll be happy to add it to the services we provide for you.