Air Duct Cleaning Information for Minnesotans

Clean Your Air Ducts and Save Money!

  • $149 Duct Cleaning. We clean all air ducts and return vents. No extra charges.
  • $249.95 RotoBrush Duct Cleaning. Advanced cleaning method for better results.

Homeowners and commercial building owners in the Minneapolis St. Paul area almost never think about the air ducts that supply clean, warm and cool air to their homes and businesses. That’s not surprising, but learning more about air ducts and how they affect your quality of life is important. At Residential Duct Cleaning, we believe that providing correct information about air ducts and why they need regular cleaning is part of our responsibility as a professional duct cleaning company. Click the links below to learn more about air duct issues that can affect your home, your business, and the quality of your indoor air: