Minnesota Furnace Cleaning & Tune-Up Services

Furnace Cleaning & Tune-Up Coupons

  • FREE furnace cleaning with any duct cleaning.
  • $149 furnace cleaning & tune-up. Prevent costly furnace break-down.
  • Check carbon monoxide levels for safe operation.

Furnace Tune-Up Inspection Service Minneapolis MN The furnace in your home is a crucial part of your home comfort system. It works by drawing in cooler air, both from return lines in your home and from outside air. The air passes through the air filter, and is then heated through the heat exchanger and circulated within your home through your ductwork. All of the air in your home is circulated through this system. Despite the air filter, dust and other contaminants can enter your ductwork, and may also be drawn into your furnace’s combustion chamber.

This dirt and dust can reduce your heating efficiency and can shorten the furnace’s life. That’s why all furnace manufacturers recommend an annual cleaning as part of regular maintenance. Dust and dirt can affect all parts of your system, from the combustion chamber and the blower fan to the blower motor and filter system. Excessive build up of dirt and dust can lead to premature furnace failure, and the replacement costs are high. In Minnesota’s frigid winters, loss of heating capabilities is a real emergency.

FREE! Complete Furnace Cleaning – A $149 Value

When you purchase any duct cleaning service from our Minneapolis based duct cleaning company, we will inspect and clean your furnace at no additional charge. All components of the furnace will be inspected for visible problems, and we will notify you if any issues are observed. Then, we will inspect and clean the burners, flame sensor, igniter, blower motor and fan, along with the air filter. All debris and dust will be removed from the surface and interior of the furnace. Note: Our free cleaning is not a furnace certification or safety check.

Furnace Tune-Up – Special Price $149

Furnace Tune-Up Minneapolis St Paul Normally priced at $319.95, we’re offering this thorough maintenance service to our customers at a special reduced rate. We recommend that this service be done on an annual basis. A fully trained and certified technician from our parent company, Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, will do the following:

Furnace Chimney Cleaning – Sale Price $119.95

If you combine this service with any duct cleaning service, you’ll save dramatically over our regular price of $159.00. We will clean your furnace’s chimney, using steel brushes to sweep the chimney, collecting and removing all debris with our powerful van-mounted vacuum. We’ll also clean the drip tee and vent connectors that connect your furnace and water heater to the chimney. Blockages caused by bird nests and other debris can affect furnace operation and increase the risk of carbon monoxide in your home. A clean chimney will also restore efficiency. This service should be done as needed, depending on your furnace’s age and condition. Our technician will help you evaluate whether this service is necessary.

How to Troubleshoot Your Furnace

Furnace Service Minneapolis MN If the furnace stops working properly, it could be a very simple problem you can solve yourself. Instead of panicking, try these tips before calling a furnace repair company:

  • Check to See if Your Furnace Is On – It’s very common that the furnace is actually not on. Start by checking your thermostat. Turn the temperature control to a setting higher than the actual room temperature, and make sure it is set to the “Heat” setting. If that doesn’t work, check the electrical circuit breaker that serves your furnace. If it is not in the On position, turn it fully Off, then On again.
  • Reset the Furnace – If there’s no heat, but the furnace fan is running, it could be an ignition problem. Try turning the furnace off and then on again, using the power switch. Call for repairs if this doesn’t correct the problem.
  • Check the Vent – Snow or ice can block your furnace’s vent during the winter. Since the furnace must have a clear vent, it will automatically shut itself off if the vent is blocked. If you can do so safely, remove the blockage, and then reset the furnace.
Keep Your Furnace Running Cleanly & Efficiently in Minnesota

At our Minneapolis air duct cleaning company, we’re part of Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, an award-winning home heating and air conditioner company. We understand the importance of proper furnace cleaning and maintenance. When our technician is at your home to perform duct cleaning services, it’s a perfect time to take care of furnace cleaning, too. That’s why we include a free basic furnace cleaning with all duct cleaning services. We’re there with our state-of-the-art duct cleaning van, so we’re happy to provide this additional service at no charge to you. We also offer other maintenance services, as described above. It’s all part of our commitment to complete service to our customers. Contact us today to schedule a duct cleaning service and ask for your FREE basic furnace cleaning.