Minnesota Fireplace & Fireplace Chimney Cleaning Service

Fireplace Cleaning Coupon

  • $109 with any air duct cleaning purchase.
  • Remove creosote from your fireplace and fireplace chimney to prevent house fire.
  • Recommended annual maintenance service.

Fireplace Chimney Sweep Minneapolis St Paul A cozy wood-burning fire in a fireplace is popular in Minnesota, and many homes in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area include a wood-burning fireplace as a favorite amenity. Adding a fireplace or a wood-burning stove to an existing home is popular, too, as people seek its pleasant warmth and comfort. Like any other system in your home, though, your wood-burning fireplace and its chimney require regular maintenance.

As wood burns in a fireplace, it deposits soot and an oily, flammable substance called creosote inside the fireplace and in the chimney. Over time, this material can build up into a thick layer, reducing the draft of the chimney and causing smoke and dangerous carbon monoxide to back up into the house. Worse, that coat of soot and creosote can actually catch fire inside the chimney, creating temperatures over 2,000 degrees. A chimney fire makes an unmistakable roaring sound, and turns the chimney into a blowtorch, which can set your home, trees, and even neighboring homes on fire. A neglected fireplace and chimney is very dangerous. All fire officials recommend a regular cleaning on an annual basis. By removing deposits of soot and creosote regularly, you protect your family and home from a deadly fire threat.

Special! Fireplace & Fireplace Chimney Cleaning – Just $109!

At our Minnesota duct cleaning company, we offer the Fireplace Sweep and Chimney Cleaning service, normally priced at $189.95, to customers who order any duct cleaning service for a special sale price of just 109. Since we’re already at your home, with our fully equipped cleaning van, you can save $80 by adding this important service when you have us clean your ducts. Here’s what we include in our Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning:

Don’t let a chimney fire occur in your home with all of its risks. Our air duct cleaners have the right training, equipment, and expertise needed to clean your fireplace and chimney properly, effectively, and without making your home dirty in the process. Even better, when you combine this service with a duct cleaning service and save on the cost.

Keep Your Fireplace Safe!

  • Fireplace Cleaning Minneapolis MN Inspect Fireplaces Annually – Have a professional heating and air conditioning company inspect all parts of your gas or wood-burning fireplace every year. This check should include the fan, burners and ignition system, venting, and chimney draw. Protect your family from fire and carbon monoxide by detecting problems early.
  • Remove Chimney Blockages – Animal and bird’s nests are common problems in chimneys, and can cause carbon monoxide to enter your home, or even a fire. Hire a professional chimney cleaning company for this job.
  • Clean Your Chimney Annually – Chimneys for wood-burning fireplaces should be cleaned each year to remove built-up soot and creosote. A chimney fire can destroy your home, so this cleaning, done by professionals, is crucial.
  • Avoid Unattended Fires – Never leave your home or go to bed with a fire burning.
  • Remove Ashes Safely – Always let ashes cool before removing them, and dispose of ashes in a fireproof container.
  • Keep Flammable Materials Away – Use only non-flammable fireplace rugs, and keep paper, cardboard, and other flammable items away from fireplaces.

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Our Minnesota award-winning air duct cleaning service company is your Twin Cities one-stop shop for all heating and cooling system cleaning needs. Unlike many businesses that offer duct cleaning as a sideline to their carpet cleaning or other services, we specialize in these highly technical services. We have the right equipment, right training, and right skills to handle these jobs properly. Best of all, when you combine services, we pass the savings created by having our technicians do several tasks in one stop along to you, our customers. It’s all part of our commitment to excellence of service in all that we do. Contact us today to schedule a duct cleaning service, and combine that with other cleaning services for your heating and air conditioning systems. You’ll take advantage of big savings.