Air Duct Cleaning Reduces Dust Mite Contamination

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HVAC Cleaning Service Minneapolis Less than one-hundredth of an inch in size, the common dust mite inhabits virtually every building where humans live. No matter how well you clean your home, tens of thousands of dust mites, or even more, live in your house. These microscopic creatures feed exclusively on particles of dead skin, shed by people and pets by the millions every hour. Those skin particles make up part of the dust in our homes. Like all other living creatures, they excrete waste. Their fecal waste is also microscopic, and circulates freely in the air, and settles in your air ducts and vents, where it is unseen, but always present and circulating back into your living spaces.

Dust mite excrement is a leading cause of allergy symptoms in humans, and can trigger asthma attacks in many people. If you’re constantly sneezing and sniffling or have a stuffy nose or increased asthma symptoms, dust mite fecal matter could be to blame. Here’s more information that you need to know to protect your health.

Minnesota Air Duct Cleaning Services

At our Minneapolis locally owned and operated air duct cleaning company, we understand the importance of thorough and regular duct cleaning to minimize the health risks of dust mites and other contaminants in your ductwork. Our powerful van-mounted vacuums and specialized tools are used by our expert technicians to effectively and thoroughly clean the air ducts and vents in any home. Where dust mites are a serious problem or where allergies and asthma are present, our thorough cleaning can provide the best solution available. We have the training, expertise, and equipment to do the job right, unlike some companies that do this essential home service as a sideline. Contact us today to discuss your needs and to schedule a service.