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Better Indoor Air Quality In the Twin Cities Metro Area, everyone is aware of the need for effective, efficient heating and air conditioning systems. From our frigid winters, with temperatures as low as –20 degrees, to our sweltering, humid summers, we rely on our heating and air conditioning systems to keep us comfortable, no matter what the season is. We’re so used to our reliable, high-efficiency furnaces and central air conditioning systems that we rarely give them a second thought. We should think about them more often, though, since a failure of these systems is a real emergency.

Part of every heating and air conditioning system is the extensive network of air ducts and vents running through our homes. Delivering warm or cool air to registers and vents in every room, they circulate all the air in our homes, moving hundreds of cubic feet of air whenever the furnace fan is running. With that air, they are also circulating and recirculating dust and pollutants throughout our homes. Over time, that dust, pollen, mold, mildew, pet dander, and other contaminants collect and build up in the ductwork and then are circulated back into our homes, causing a long list of problems:

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