Dirty Air Ducts Worsen Allergy Symptoms

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Ductwork Cleaning Minneapolis St Paul Many thousands of Minnesotans living in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area suffer from allergies and asthma. Symptoms from these ailments can be made worse due to our harsh winter climate and our hot, sticky summer weather. Both lead us to retreat to our homes and use our heating and air conditioning systems to create a comfortable environment for our families. Unfortunately for many Twin Cities residents, that comfort is disturbed by an increase in allergy symptoms or even asthma attacks. The problem may lie within the air ducts hidden in your walls and basement.

Constantly circulating the air in your home, those ducts can accumulate a thick layer of contaminants, including allergens like pet dander, dust, and pollen. Irritants from dust mites, mold, and fungi can also contribute to allergy symptoms. Even worse, these contaminants remain in the ductwork and vents year round, letting seasonal allergy triggers continue to cause suffering, even after the allergy season is over. Every time your furnace fan comes on to circulate warm or air-conditioned air, airborne allergens are blown into your home, creating new risks for symptoms. Here are some ways to cut down on the problem:

Relieve Allergy with Affordable Duct Cleaning

If allergies are an issue in your home or business in Minneapolis St. Paul Area, professional cleaning can help remove allergens that collect in your air ducts. For success, though, you need trusted services, performed by well-trained, experienced technicians who use powerful high-tech equipment to do the job. Some duct cleaning companies use portable equipment and do this highly specialized job only as a sideline. They may not give you the thoroughly cleaned ductwork you need. We offer a range of HVAC cleaning services, including our exclusive Xtreme Duct Cleaning process. It’s ideal for cleaning neglected air ducts where allergies are an issue. Often, you can use our lower cost services for subsequent regular cleaning. Call us today to discuss your duct cleaning needs. Let us help you reduce allergens in your home.