What Is in Your Home’s Air Ducts

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Air Duct Dust Debris Homeowners and business owners in the Minneapolis St. Paul area usually simply ignore the air ducts that carry warm or cool air throughout their environment. They have other important things to do. Ignoring these important parts of your heating and cooling system, however, can be a serious mistake. Dust, molds, bacteria, and many other contaminants constantly circulate through your home, and collect inside those air ducts. Over time, they build up into a thick coating that continues to feed contaminants back into the rooms, exposing everyone in those rooms to a steady flow of allergens and irritants that can cause health concerns. Knowing what makes up that build up of contaminants is important. Once you know, you’ll understand why the EPA estimates that indoor air can be far more contaminated and unhealthful than outside air.

In Minnesota, our heating and cooling systems get a real workout, due to our weather extremes. We keep our homes tightly sealed to prevent high energy bills. The powerful fan in our furnace constantly circulates air through our homes and businesses, and that air carries with it a long list of contaminants that make up the dust we see in shafts of sunlight. It is estimated that over 2,500 dust particles settle on every square inch of surface in our homes and other buildings each hour. In the air ducts, which never get dusted like your furniture does, those dust particles build up into a thick coating. That coating constantly feeds dust, debris, and contamination back into your interior spaces. Here’s some of what is in that dust and debris:

Cleaning Air Duct Dust for Minnesota Homes in Minneapolis St. Paul

There will always be dust. It’s just a fact of life. We constantly work to keep our homes clean, and dust is a big part of what we clean up. When it collects in the air ducts that help keep your home comfortable, though, only professional cleaning can rid your home of that dust, with all of its allergy-causing, unhealthy contaminants. As the most trusted air duct cleaning company, our professional technicians, using powerful equipment designed specifically for this job, can quickly, efficiently remove contaminants from your air ducts at an affordable cost. We recommend an annual cleaning for most homes, with more frequent cleaning when necessary.

Unlike some duct cleaning companies, we never engage in high-pressure sales or deceptive pricing strategies. Our prices are clearly advertised and there are no hidden fees or costs. As part of Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re experts on installing, servicing and repairing heating and air conditioning equipment, including ductwork, and we are dedicated to doing every job thoroughly and correctly. Contact us today to schedule a duct cleaning or other service. Let us show you why we’re the Twin Cities most trusted duct cleaning company.