Minnesota Air Conditioner Cleaning & Tune-Up Services

Air Conditioner Cleaning & Tune-Up Coupons

  • FREE air conditioner cleaning with RotoBrush cleaning.
  • $149 Air conditioner check & tune-up. Prevent costly break-down.
  • $179 Central Air Evaporator Coil (A-Coil) cleaning. Restore AC efficiency.
  • Chemical clean and Freon check for $200.
  • Freon refill – $90 1st pound and $40 each additional pound.

AC Tune-Up Minneapolis St Paul Take a look at your home’s central air conditioning outdoor unit. If you’re like most people, you’ll find a collection of leaves, grass clippings, dust, and other debris in and around this expensive piece of equipment. This debris can be robbing you of home cooling efficiency, raising your energy bills. Worse, a dirty AC system with clogged fins has to work harder to cool your home. That can shorten its life and lead to premature failure and an expensive replacement. It is highly recommended to have your central air conditioner cleaned and inspected annually, before the hot summer season begins. Protect your investment by combining this important maintenance service at the same time when you have your air ducts cleaned, and save. Be sure to use our money-saving coupons when ordering our services.

FREE! Air Conditioner Cleaning

When our Minneapolis-based duct cleaning company provides a RotoBrush duct cleaning service at your home, we’ll clean your air conditioner at no additional charge. That’s a $159.95 service at its regular price. We’ll clean the condenser coil, the fan blade and motor, and remove all debris. Then, we’ll check the system to make sure everything’s working properly.

Air Conditioner Check & Tune-Up – Special $199!

AC Tune-Up Service Minneapolis MN Before summer arrives, air conditioner manufacturers recommend an annual checkup and tune-up, to make sure your central AC system is ready to keep your family comfortable in the summer heat. As the leading duct cleaning service company in Minneapolis St. Paul, we are happy to offer this essential service, provided by expert technicians at a special low price, to our customers. Here’s what we’ll do:

A-Coil or Central Air Evaporator Coil Cleaning – ONLY $179

AC Evaporator Coil Cleaning Service Regularly priced at $229, this important service cleans the A-Coil, a separate component that is located in a housing attached to your furnace. Also known as the evaporator coil, it provides the actual cooling. It is located inside the ductwork to allow warm air to pass over and through it. When the air conditioner is running, the A-Coil cools the air as it flows through. Like all components of your home HVAC system, accumulations of dust and debris on A-Coil prevent efficient cooling operation and regular cleaning helps maximize efficiency. A simple test, measuring the temperature of the air entering the duct system and comparing it to the cool air coming out of the registers, can indicate whether this coil needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the A-Coil involves partially pulling it out of its housing and removing the dust, dirt, and debris with special compressed air tools.

If you’re like many cat-owners, the furnace or utility room in your basement may seem like a natural place for your cat’s litter tray. Cat litter is made of a type of clay, and the dust from that clay can find its way to the surface of the A-Coil, located inside the ductwork connector on your furnace. The dust forms a hard clay deposit on the coil, reducing its efficiency. This coating is very hard to remove. So, it’s best to locate cat litter trays away from your furnace area to prevent this energy-robbing contamination.

Keeping Your Air Conditioner Energy Bills Low

Air Conditioning Efficiency During our hot humid summer months, the energy cost of cooling your home can be very high. Here are some ways to reduce your energy bills while keep your home comfortable.

  • Purchase a Unit of the Right Size – If you are buying a new central air conditioning unit, selecting the correct size is an important way to save on energy costs. If the AC system is too large, it will produce uneven cooling and may turn itself on and off frequently. If the unit is too small, it will run constantly, trying to cool your home. Both conditions waste energy. Rely on an experienced contractor to help you select a system that is a perfect match for your home.
  • Choose a High-Efficiency System – The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER rating of air conditioners indicates their efficiency. A higher SEER rating means more efficient operation. For a new or replacement installation, choose a system with a SEER rating higher than 14.5. Over time, a high-efficiency system will use far less energy and produce big savings for you.
  • Change Air Filters Regularly – A clogged air filter makes your HVAC system work harder, and that reduces efficiency. Replace dirty air filters and change them at the time recommended on the filter. You can save from 5-15% on energy bills.
  • Keep Your AC System Clean – Professional cleaning of your central air conditioner outdoor unit and the A-Coil inside your ductwork housing restores efficiency and saves you money. An annual cleaning and inspection is recommended.
  • Don’t Over-Cool Your Home – Set your thermostat to a higher temperature for big energy savings. Choose a temperature that keeps you comfortable but isn’t too low. Most homes don’t need to be cooled to 72 degrees for comfort. Try 76 or 78 degrees, and you’ll save money.
  • Don’t Block Inside Vents – Keep all vents and registers clear of obstructions, such as furniture. Close doors to unoccupied rooms and close vents in those rooms for even more savings.
Keep Your Central Air Conditioner Running Cleanly & Efficiently in Minnesota

Unlike most Minneapolis St. Paul duct cleaners, our well-trusted duct cleaning company is part of Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, a leading and award-winning HVAC contractor serving the entire Twin Cities metro area. Our duct cleaning technicians receive specialized training in all aspects of keeping your home HVAC system clean. They’re also trained to spot problems with your furnace and air conditioner, so they can alert you to them. Contact us today to schedule an air duct cleaning and take advantage of our special offers and free services. It’s a great investment in your inside environment and peace of mind.